Monday, September 24, 2012

Goals Met!!!

I chose THERAPY1ONE for my physical therapy needs after knee replacement and I am so glad I did. I received excellent care and accomplished my goal in the allotted time.
Thelma W.    Panama City, FL

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank you Laura and Mike!

Laura and Mike were principal in my extensive shoulder replacement therapy and always exhibited a high degree of professionalism, knowledge and humor-which is quite necessary!  I end my therapy knowing they are (will be) readily available with assistance and information in order to further my recovery. All personal at THERAPY1ONE are extremely helpful and professional-I highly recommend this facility to everyone who may need their service and assistance!
Thank You!
William D
Laura Smith, P.T.A.

Monday, September 10, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:
I have had total knee replacements in the past few months. The first being in November of 2011 and I chose THERAPYONE for my rehab. James Cutchin worked with me, but due to my leg being extremely swollen I was not able to move it very much. The swelling went down after about four weeks and the doctor had to put me to sleep and bend my knee. This carried my rehab over into January and James was able to get me on a program that very quickly met the doctor’s expectations. In July of this year I had my other knee replaced and I did not have the swelling I experienced in my previous knee. The only problem is I had used all but 11 visits the insurance would allow for the year. Due to the success I had with my first knee I asked for James again. I explained the insurance would only allow 11 sessions for the rest of the year. James approached this with a very positive and professional attitude. He assured me he would do everything possible to reach my doctor’s goal in that time frame. James gave me exercises to do at home and made sure I understood exactly the proper technique to do them. As I improved James increased the level of treatment and he kept a close watch on my progress. Every session I had he encouraged me and gave me the confidence that we would meet the goal. I was able to return to work in less than three weeks after surgery and on my last therapy session I had reached the goal of a flat leg and 120 degrees. James suggested I continue my exercises at home and not hesitate to call on him if I felt there was a problem or anything he could do.
I do not have any doubts in my mind that without someone like James working with me and the facilities and staff at THERAPYONE my recovery would not have been as quick or as successful. I would like to thank the entire staff at THERAPY1ONE and especially James for getting me back on my feet again.

Rudy                      Panama City, FL