Wednesday, August 3, 2016


THERAPY1ONE Rehabilitation, Health & Fitness Center is pleased to announce that Josh Schenkel, P.T. and Director of Physical Therapy and Susie Garcia, P.T. are now board-certified orthopedic specialists, according to American Physical Therapy Association.

Specialization is the process by which a physical therapist builds on a broad base of professional educational and practice to develop a greater depth of knowledge and skills related to a particular area of practice. Clinical specialization in physical therapy responds to a specific are of patient need and requires knowledge, skill and experience exceeding that of the physical therapist at the entry to the profession and unique to the specialized area of practice.

The specialist certification program was established to provide formal recognition for physical therapists with advanced clinical knowledge, experience and skills in a special area of practice and to assist consumers and the health care community in identifying these physical therapists.

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